St. Mark School

Another project which is part of the World Hunger Drive is the St. Mark School. It is located in Northern Haiti, has 200 students, 12 certified teachers and offers Pre-K through 7th grade. Annual medical and vision exams, as well as urgent clinic care for routine illnesses, are also provided.

Haiti School 4 Haiti School 2







Satellite internet is available so the children have access to laptops. The main focus remains the education of the children and to develop their creative and leadership skills. In addition, the children are involved in recreational activities of sports and games. This further enhances their team roles and group interactions.

Haiti School 1                                                  Haiti School 6

Each year the plan for the St. Mark School is to add an additional grade, so that ultimately children will have an opportunity to receive a high school education, with the hope one day attending university. Since the children will be the first in their family to have achieved an education, it is also important to offer adult education to the parents.

Parents 1 Parents 3

The children are fortunate to have a school administrator who works with them in the garden planting seeds, watering the plants and cultivating the soil.

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