Get Involved

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of this project.

If you are interested in joining the core or planning committee please email

If you are interested in receiving email updates of the St. Matthew World Hunger Drive notify us at

Other positions seeking volunteers include (NOTE: click on the position link to see more  information and/or signup):

  • Coupon Tree and Gym SetUp
  • Mass Volunteer – Assist with Collecting Donations & Answering WHD Questions before and after Mass
  • Banana Box Collector
  • Inventory Documenter
  • Sorting, Weighing, Packing Food for Shipping
  • Strong Volunteer
  • Load Pallets onto Shipping Containers
  • Meal Packing Event     All-Day Meal Packing Event Volunteer Instructions
    • Pack Meals
    • Banquet Room – People Flow Management
    • Act as Table Captain
    • Restock Ingredients During the Event
    • Build Boxes
    • Cook Rice for Sampling
    • Food for Volunteers
    • Assist with Children’s Activities
    • Pack Pallets

For more information or to get involved contact