Cash donations can be made via Faith Direct monthly, one time or annually. During the month of July cash, check or credit card donations will be welcomed in the Narthex. Credit card donations are limited to less than $250.00.

Bulk Goods

The following items are collected during the month of July and dropped off at the Parish Center Gym. Bulk sized items can be purchased at Costco, Sams or BJ’s.

Food Donations Ready To Ship Flour – 25 lb. bag
Spaghetti – 6 or 8 lb. boxes
Canned Tuna – 4 lb. cans
Canned Fruit – 106 oz. cans
Tomato Paste – 111 oz. cans
Peanut Butter – (2) 40 jars
Cooking Oil – 35 lb. container
Powdered Milk – (4) 4 lb. boxes
Ramen Noodles – (36) 3 oz. pkgs.
Cereal/Oatmeal – 3.7 lb. boxes
Baby Cereal, Formula, & Diapers, size 5-7
Canned Veggies – 100 oz. cans

For a reduced price, St Matthew’s was able to obtain a truckload of 50 pound bags of rice and pinto beans. These bags can be purchased and donated by parishioners at the doors of the church after Mass each weekend in July. Cost is $31 for two bags of rice; pinto beans at $24 per bag.

Gift or Remembrance

During the month of July there will be an opportunity to make a donation as a gift for someone or a remembrance for a loved one. To donate in this fashion, visit the table in the Narthex staffed with volunteers to take your request. Cash, check or credit card will be accepted as forms of payment.

Gift/Remembrance Card:

WHD Gift Card 2015-front WHD Gift Card 2015-back

For more information contact