2017 Achievements

The 15th Annual World Hunger Drive was another year of outpouring of love from St. Matthew parishioners and friends. 325,000 pounds of food and supplies will be distributed when shipments are completed in August.  By distributing through the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) and local charities, we know that every donation, every grain of rice is distributed to the poorest of the poor.

The following is made possible as a result of the generous donations received:
– Container 1 – Roofing Materials to repair MOP roof in Cap-Haitien, Haiti (Shipped)
– Container 2 – Medical Supplies & Food to Milo Hospital & New Hope Hospital in Haiti (Shipped)
– Container 3 – Meal Packages from the Meal Packing Event & Supplies to Haiti (Shipped)
– Container 4 – Food and Supplies to Haiti (Shipped)
– Container 5 – Electrical equipment to rebuild electrical grid for MOP (Shipped)

– Container 6 – Rice (direct shipment from grower) to Haiti (Shipped)
– Container 7 – Pinto Beans (direct shipment from grower) to Jamaica (Scheduled for August)
– Container 8 – Rice (direct shipment from grower) to Jamaica (Shipped)
– Container 9 – Virtual container of Funds for Sustainability Items such as Education, Tilapia, Chickens, Physical Therapy and Agriculture (Scheduled for August)
– 13,700 pounds of Food for Local Food Pantries (Catholic Charities, Second Harvest, Mel’s Diner, Common Cupboard, MOP Food Pantry in Monroe, St. Matthew Food Pantry) (Underway)

St. Matthew is making a difference in the lives of many hungry people!